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The Summit is taking
a creative

We create real change by inspiring and empowering others with cases, keynotes and trends from the Campaigning World.
Right now, we are re-inventing how we do that.

It’s been very exciting and succesful years for the Campaigning Summit. We started small with a local Vienna audience and have grown to larger and larger events, steadily expanding to other countries. Ever since we started, the way in which communities meet and organize have evolved. So we are taking a creative break to re-invent the way we will connect Campaigners in the future.

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Talks, talks, talks

Over the years we had the pleasure to host a multitude of international campaigning experts from various backgrounds. The summit talks range from scientific views on human behavour all the way through to practical case studies and best practices. And the best: All the talks are available online, for free, right now.

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